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PJ Gorman, modern tribal designs

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materi sejarah kelas xii ipa semester genap artist openingmateri sejarah sma kelas 11 semester 2materi sejarah sma kelas xipptdownload dodaxxx video I gave up a career as a statistician to become a full time artist.  My style has been described as vibrant and intoxicating. By using acrylic paint I am able to achieve a high degree of color saturation.  The dot paintings have been exhibited around the city of Harrisburg during the Whitaker Center’s Kite fest in 2006 and at the Contemporary Art and Design Gallery in Salt Lake City.
Artist Statement.
My “shaman” paintings are intended to give the viewer a feeling of balance and protection. The asymmetry is important in my work to retain an organic feeling and reflects a struggle for unattainable perfection in life. I am evoking mythological and shamanistic themes, representing powers outside the realm of ordinary experience. My influence draws upon the art of tribal cultures it is from that point of view I approach design.

Dot paintings are the traditional art from of Australian Aborigines. Originally these works were known as sand or ground paintings made with natural materials and represented the mythical experiences of life.

These paintings are my interpretation of this ancient art form using modern materials. The spiral represents the infinite life force All paintings are done free-hand, no stencils are used. I like to think of each dot as a meditation of peace and balance. Every circle relates to one another and is metaphor for the cellular make up of the universe.